Seat Mechanisms Products

Seat Mechanisms Products

1. Cuffed Seat Mechanisms:

Regnum’s cuffed seat mechanisms offer the user a comfortable seating experience. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it maintains its durability even in long-term use.

2. Foldable Seat Mechanisms:

Foldable seat mechanisms are ideal for those who want to save space. These mechanisms of Regnum offer the opportunity to turn the seat into a bed in a practical way.

3. Sleeper Sofa Mechanisms:

Sleeper sofa mechanisms offer an instant bed solution for guests. Manufactured by Regnum with high quality materials, sleeper mechanisms stand out with their durability and ease of use.

4. Electric Sofa Mechanisms:

Bringing technology to the world of furniture, Regnum offers its users luxury and comfort together with its electric sofa mechanisms. It is preferred for its easy use and quiet motors.

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