Mold Design & Production

As in any job, experience in mold design is also required. In addition to both material knowledge and manufacturing knowledge, design skills also come to the fore. It is necessary to work with expert teams in this field in order to produce the product with equal properties, especially with equal mechanical properties, without gaps and in accordance with the final geometry. As Regnum, we offer you the most accurate design and molds produced with the highest quality mold steels in a short time.

Machine Park

Mori Seiki VS 100 : 4 axis Vertical Machining Centre
Deckel Maho DMU 100 Monoblock : 4 axis Vertical Machining Centre
Deckel Maho DMC V64 Linear (x3) : 3 axis Vertical Machining Centre
Deckel Maho DMC V75 Linear : 5 axis Vertical Machining Centre
Deckel Maho DMC 105 Linear : 3 axis Vertical Machining Centre
Robodrill 14 LIA : 4 axis Vertical Machining Centre
Mori Seiki CL 200 : C axis Turning Machine
Ajan 50 (x2) : 4 axis Edm - Cutting Machine
Lagun (x2) : Molder Milling Machine
Lagun : Radial Drilling Machine
C11 MT : Turning Lathe Machine

Aluminium & Zamac Injection

Our company offers high quality aluminum and zamak injection solutions that take a leading position in industrial production processes. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with unique and customized parts, thanks to our extensive experience in the industry and our team of experts.​ ​ ​ ​ The greatest strength of our company is its ability to provide a fast and flexible service to our customers. Thanks to our experienced team and advanced production processes, we are ready to meet customer demands on time and offer superior quality at a competitive price.

Metal Production

We Bring Aesthetics And Durability Together With The Production Of Quality Metal Furniture Legs We aim to add elegance and durability to your furniture by offering high quality, aesthetic and durable metal furniture legs to our customers. Regnum manufactures by considering durability and longevity factors as well as modern designs. Considering customer demands, we make customized and high quality production.