Furniture Accessories: Lacquer Coating Process

Furniture Accessories: Lacquer Coating Process

As Regnum, we increase the aesthetic appearance and durability of our products by using high quality lacquer coating process on the furniture accessories we produce. Here are the general steps of the lacquer coating process:

1. Preparation and Cleaning

Surface Preparation: The surface of the furniture accessories is first cleaned and leveled. Any dirt, oil or other contamination is removed.

Sanding: The surface is smoothed and sanded if necessary. This step is important for a smooth coating.

2. Basic Coating (Primer)

Primer Application: Primer, also known as base coat, is applied to the surface of the furniture accessory. The primer protects the surface and forms the basis for subsequent coatings.

3. Lacquer Coating

Lacquer Application: Lacquer in the desired color or varnish of the furniture accessory is applied with a special spray or paint gun. This process gives the product an aesthetic appearance and protects its surface.

4. Drying and Polishing

Drying: After lacquer application, the product is left to dry in a suitable environment. The drying process ensures that the coating is strong and durable.

Polishing: The dried surface is sieved and polished as necessary. This step ensures that the product has a smooth and shiny appearance.

5. Quality Control and Packaging

Quality Control: After the coating process is completed, the products are examined in detail by our quality control department. Color consistency, brightness and overall quality of the coating are checked.

Packaging: Products that have received quality approval are safely packaged and made ready for shipment. Special packaging is used to prevent damage while reaching our customers.

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