Furniture Accessory Special Packaging Process

Furniture Accessory Special Packaging Process

As Regnum, one of our priorities is to carefully package every furniture accessory we produce and deliver it safely to our customers. Our special packaging process includes the following steps:

1. Packaging Design

Design According to Product Dimensions: Special packaging design is made for each furniture accessory in appropriate sizes. The packaging process is planned taking into account the shape, size and sensitivity of the product.

Material Selection: Durable and environmentally friendly packaging materials are preferred. The most suitable materials are selected for the protection and transportation of the product.

2. Packaging Process

Preparation of Packaging Materials: Selected packaging materials are specially cut and prepared. Protective materials such as foam, bubble plastic, cardboard are used.

Protection for Product Safety: The furniture accessory is carefully wrapped and protected with packaging materials. Measures are taken at every stage to prevent damage to the product.

3. Labeling and Preparation

Labeling Process: Labels containing the information of the furniture accessory inside are attached to the packaged product. Information that will provide ease of transportation to the customer is added.

Preparation and Packaging: After the packaging process is completed, the product is made ready for the transportation and delivery process. The packaged product is subjected to final controls so as not to be damaged during transportation.

4. Quality Control and Shipping

Quality Control: At the end of the packaging process, our products are examined in detail by our quality control department. The strength of the packaging and the condition of the product are checked.

Delivery: Products that receive quality approval are sent to customers safely according to the specified delivery processes. Our customer satisfaction-oriented service approach continues at every stage.

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