Seamless Metal Finishing on Furniture Accessories: Add Shine and Durability to Your Furniture

Seamless Metal Finishing on Furniture Accessories: Add Shine and Durability to Your Furniture

Regnum offers perfect metal plating service for your furniture accessories as well as furniture legs. In this article, you will discover how the furniture accessory metal plating process is meticulously carried out by our experienced team.

Regnum Furniture Accessory Metal Coating Stages:

  1. Accessory Cleaning: Before starting the metal coating process, the accessories are meticulously cleaned. This ensures full adhesion of the coating to the material and a flawless appearance.

  2. Sandblasting: The cleaned accessories are subjected to a sandblasting process. This process removes rust, dirt and scratches on the surface of the metal, allowing the coating to adhere better.

  3. Primer Application: After sandblasting, a primer is applied to the surface of the metal. The primer ensures that the coating is more durable and adheres better to the metal.

  4. Metal Coating: After the primer has dried, the selected metal plating material (chrome, gold, silver, etc.) is applied to the accessories. The plating process can be carried out using different techniques (electrolysis, painting, vacuum plating, etc.).

  5. Quality Control: After the coating process is completed, the accessories are meticulously checked. They are examined for any defects or irregularities. Even the slightest imperfection is unacceptable, as this can lead to visible defects in your accessories.

  6. Protective Layer Application: In the final stage, a protective layer is applied to ensure that the metal coating lasts long and does not fade. This layer protects the coating against scratches, abrasions and chemicals.

Regnum Furniture Accessory Advantages of Metal Coating:

  • Aesthetic Appearance: Metal plating gives your furniture accessories a stylish and modern look. With different metal plating options such as chrome, gold and silver, you can achieve a look suitable for every taste and every decoration.
  • Durability: Metal plating gives your furniture accessories a long-lasting use. The coating protects the accessories against scratches, abrasions and rust.
  • Easy Cleaning: Metal-coated accessories can be cleaned easily and practically. Wiping with a damp cloth will keep your accessories looking shiny and clean at all times.
  • Increased Value: Metal plating increases the value of your furniture accessories. In this way, you can get a higher price when you want to renew or evaluate your furniture.

Add Shine to Your Furniture with Regnum:

Regnum helps you add shine and durability to your furniture by offering perfect metal coating services for your furniture accessories. With our expert team and quality materials, you can keep your accessories looking flawless for years.

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