Regnum Specialised Packaging Solutions for Furniture Accessories

Regnum Specialised Packaging Solutions for Furniture Accessories

As Regnum, we not only offer our customers high quality products, but also specialised packaging solutions to deliver our products safely and with care. With our furniture accessories special packaging options, we fully meet the needs of our customers and ensure the safe transport of our products.

Special Packages

Every customer’s needs are different and therefore, as Regnum, we offer customised packaging options. We use a variety of packaging materials to protect your products safely, preventing damage to the products. Our specialised packaging options for furniture accessories include padded packaging, foam pads and foam packaging.

Separatorised Packaging

For large or sensitive products, we have the option of separator boxing to provide special protection. This is an ideal solution to prevent damage to products and ensure their safety during transport. Seperated boxing provides a professional presentation while protecting your products.

Special Packaging with Screw Set

We provide convenience to our customers with our special boxing option, which includes additional materials such as screw sets required for the assembly of furniture accessories. This enables our customers to start using the products immediately, while including all parts necessary for assembly.

Packaging with Instruction Manual Attached

Providing instruction manuals with your products can help your customers to assemble and use them correctly. For this reason, we offer a boxing service with instructions for use upon request.

As Regnum, we always prioritise customer satisfaction and strive to provide the best experience to our customers. We are here to deliver your products safely and securely with our special packaging options for furniture accessories.


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