Regnum Furniture Accessory Metal Coating: The Guarantee of Elegance

Regnum Furniture Accessory Metal Coating: The Guarantee of Elegance

Furniture accessories play an important role in interior design and are expected to provide durability as well as aesthetic appearance. As the Regnum brand, we are a leader in specialising in the metal plating processes of furniture accessories and providing high quality solutions.

High Quality Metal Coating Processes

Regnum uses modern equipment with high quality standards in the metal coating processes of furniture accessories. Each accessory gains an aesthetic appearance with specially selected metal coating techniques, while its durability is increased for long-lasting use.

Various Metal Coating Options

We offer various metal plating options that can be customised according to customer requirements. With different metal types such as gold, silver, copper and various surface finishing options such as matt and glossy, we provide solutions in accordance with our customers’ design visions.

Technological Superiority and Innovation

Regnum embraces technological superiority and continuous innovation in metal coating processes. By following the latest coating techniques and material science developments, we continuously improve the quality of our products.

Durable and Environmentally Friendly Materials

The coating materials we use are carefully selected and processed with environmentally friendly production methods to increase durability. This approach both improves the performance of our products and minimises environmental impact.

Customer Satisfaction Orientated Service Approach

As Regnum, we adopt a service approach that keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level. We offer customised solutions by taking into account each customer demand and complete their projects in a timely and reliable manner.

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