Regnum Accessories Powder Coating: High Quality Coating Solutions

Regnum Accessories Powder Coating: High Quality Coating Solutions

Accessories play an important role in furniture and interior design and are expected to provide long-lasting use as well as aesthetic appearance. As Regnum brand, we specialise in powder coating processes of accessories and offer quality solutions to our customers.

High Quality Powder Coating Applications

Regnum uses modern technology and equipment with high quality standards for powder coating of accessories. Each accessory is coated with special powder coating techniques that increase durability.

Wide Colour Options and Customisation

We offer a wide range of colour options that can be customised according to customer requirements. We aim to meet every design need with surface options enriched with matt, glossy, metallic and other special effects.

Environmentally Friendly Production and Materials

Regnum acts with the principle of environmental awareness and uses environmentally friendly materials in powder coating processes. It adopts a sustainable production approach by preferring paint materials that are recyclable and have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content.

Technological Progress and Continuous Improvement

By following the latest powder coating technologies and material science in the industry, we continuously improve the quality of our products. We aim to offer the best solutions to our customers with an approach open to innovation and innovation.

Customer Satisfaction Orientated Service Approach

As Regnum, we adopt a service approach that keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level. By approaching each project individually, we remain loyal to our commitments in terms of timely delivery and reliability.

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