Powder Coating Process in Accessories

Powder Coating Process in Accessories

As Regnum, we prefer powder coating method to offer aesthetics and durability together in furniture accessories. The powder coating process not only gives our products a visually attractive appearance but also provides long-lasting protection. Here are the steps of the powder coating process we use on our accessories:

1. Surface Preparation

Cleaning and Preparation: Before the painting process, the surfaces of the accessories are cleaned with special solvents and cleaned from foreign materials such as oil and dirt. The cleaning process ensures proper adhesion of the paint application to the surface.

Sanding: Sanding is performed to remove surface roughness and create a suitable base for the paint. This step increases the paint adhesion capacity and ensures a smooth coating.

2. Priming

Primer Application: Primer is applied to the prepared surfaces. The primer ensures better adhesion of the paint application to the surface and creates a long-lasting protection layer. The choice of primer is an important factor affecting the quality of the subsequent paint steps.

3. Powder Coating Application

Electrostatic Spraying: Accessories are powder coated in an electrostatic spray booth. In this method, paint particles are charged with an electrostatic charge and then sprayed onto the surface of the accessories. The electrostatic charge ensures a homogeneous distribution of the paint particles on the surface.

Baking: The sprayed powder coating is baked in an oven at a certain temperature. This process allows the paint particles to melt and adhere to the surface. Baking also increases the durability of the coating, providing long-lasting protection.

4. Cooling and Control

Cooling After the firing process, the accessories are allowed to cool down in a controlled manner. During this process, the paint layer hardens and provides complete protection.

Quality Control: After the cooling process is complete, the accessories are examined in detail in the quality control department. Paint thickness, homogeneity, adhesion strength and visual quality are tested.

5. Packaging and Shipment

Packaging: Accessories that pass quality control are properly packaged and prepared for shipment. The packaging process is extremely important for the safe shipment of the products.

As Regnum, we provide long-lasting protection to our products and give them an aesthetic appearance with the powder coating technology we use in furniture accessories. You can visit our website to get more information about our products and contact us to use them in your projects.

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