Our Flawless Aluminium Injection Moulds for Flawless Products

Our Flawless Aluminium Injection Moulds for Flawless Products

As Regnum, we make and manufacture high-strength moulds that we produce for flawless aluminium injection moulding to turn the dreams of furniture designers and manufacturers into reality. From A to Z, we are here to realise our customers’ dream projects.

Why Regnum Moulds?

High Quality and Precision: Our high-strength moulds for aluminium injection moulding are manufactured to the highest quality standards and reflect every detail perfectly. Our moulds, which are produced on high precision CNC machines, stand out with their durability and precision. In this way, each piece produced comes to life flawlessly.

Luxury Furniture Legs: Regnum, the leader in the production of luxury furniture legs, offers aesthetics and functionality together. Furniture legs produced with our aluminium moulds add value to your furniture with their elegant designs and durability. We offer the most suitable solutions for your projects with different design and size options.

Customisable Solutions: We know that each project has its own unique needs. That’s why we offer customisable aluminium injection moulds in accordance with the demands of our customers. In order to turn our customers’ dream projects into reality, we realise your designs down to the finest detail.

Superior Technology and Experience

As Regnum, we are able to perfectly realise even the most complex designs thanks to the high-strength moulds we produce on high-precision CNC machines. Our experienced team ensures that your projects are flawless by working with high quality and precision at every stage.

Customer Satisfaction is our priority

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority for Regnum. We are constantly improving ourselves to understand your needs and exceed your expectations. If you prioritise quality and aesthetics in your projects, Regnum’s high-strength aluminium injection moulds and luxury furniture legs will be the perfect choice for you.

Contact us and discover our solutions that will add value to your projects!

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